Jenny Shaw: Untethered Boat

Artist: Jenny Shaw
Date: 3/11/2023-3/27/2023

Gong Art Gallery is proud to present  "Untethered Boat." A new series of paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Jenny Shaw. This is the first solo exhibition for the artist at Newport Beach. The opening reception will take place on March 11 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and the exhibition will remain on view until March 27th.

Jenny‘s works contain a unique, overlapping, and intermittent painting style. Her works are full of rich and bright colors, and smooth and rhythmic lines. Through these artistic elements and others. her in-depth material studies and experimentation are evident in this new series.

She said: life is a journey, and we are all travelers. Along the way, we encounter people who are kind and mean, visit places that are far and near, and have experiences that are happy and sad….On each of our paths, we choose to cherish some memories which are meaningful and that fuels us to move forward in our life.  We bury some that no longer serve a purpose.  Memories make us grow and mold us into the unique person we are.

Jenny is intoxicated and obsessed with her creation, painting more than eight hours a day. Using her own description of the creation experience: "I often go from a vague idea to the concrete form of the whole painting. I appreciate the blending and evolution on the picture, and enjoy the wonderful process of the creative spirit jumping out of my mind." She has always been adhering to the idea of bringing happiness, hope, and human kindness to the world through creation.

Jenny Shaw is a Los Angeles-based artist from Taipei, Taiwan.  She has spent four decades in the sunshine state of California, where the mild weather and melting pot of cultures and ethnicities have brought out the positivity, cheer, and playfulness that are reflected consistently in her paintings.

Jenny began drawing and painting with watercolors and traditional Chinese inks when she was a child. She obtained her Western art education at Chaffy College after moving to California in 1983.  Her first solo show was held at the American Club International in Taipei in 2002. Her works are collected by collectors from all over the world. In addition to art and painting, Jenny is immensely passionate about literature, philosophy, music, dance, travel, and nature. These passions are what drove her to delve deeper into her psychology and emotions and to later translate these findings into non-objective, abstract, mixed-media paintings.

While working primarily in acrylics, watercolor, and Gouache, Jenny also utilizes a variety of tools to build layers and textures on the surface of the canvas.  By means of gradually reducing and eliminating these layers and textures, Jenny arrives at and preserves the “essence” of the painting, a process that evokes the metaphor of memory.  In developing her voice, Jenny was influenced by great detail the colors used by many of the greats — Bonnard, Matisse, Diebenkorn, George Inness, Tom Thomson, and Wolf Kahn; their influences echo her joyful personality, helping her arrive at her unique style of warm, bright and blissful colors.  Through her work, Jenny hopes to bring a sense of joy to her viewers and to give console to those who need it.

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