Sanzi: The Way of Tao

Artist: Sanzi
Date: 4/4/2023-4/24/2023

Our first solo exhibition featuring Sanzi, titled "The Way of Tao," is being presented with great pride by Gong Art Gallery. The exhibit includes a diverse range of artwork, including both paintings and handmade porcelains. The exhibition's main objective is to highlight the artist's unique and personal connection with Tao, not just as a religion, but as a way of life.

Sanzi incorporates the motif of "little people" in many of his works, which he describes as a representation of humanity's quest for a way of life in this world. Through these characters, he conveys the message that the actions of individuals, regardless of their identity or location, contribute to the larger concept of "Tao." Sometimes, these characters depict ordinary stories of madness, while others simply blend into the surroundings as passersby. Every action we take, in the present moment, is a culmination of our past experiences, future aspirations, and present reality, all of which encompass the essence of Tao.

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