Ryan Campbell:

The Line Segments

Artist: Ryan Campbell
Date: 7/15/2022-9/5/2022

Gong art gallery Newport Beach is proud to present The Line Segments — a new project and series of paintings by Palm Springs-based artist Ryan Campbell. This is the first solo exhibition for the artist in Newport Beach. The opening reception will take place on July 15 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., and the exhibition will remain on view until September 5th.

The L.A. native came to the desert as a rebellious teen and never left. He always knew he’d make his living through art. “Being an artist isn’t a conscious choice,” he says. “It grabs you by the soul.” The quiet, healing power of the desert, he adds, makes it an ideal place to live and work. “A common thread that runs through humanity, I think, is the search for beauty or something that we can connect with, without words,” Ryan Campbell says.

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