Bill Chen

Artist Bill. C  Artworks present the language of charm abstract in the way of a series of paintings and stunning beauty. Although we can't see the specific image and plot of the picture, we seem to imagine the high-rise buildings, the traffic on the streets, the flickering lights, and all things in the picture. Prosperous, feel the pulse of the times and the rhythm of the move... This feeling is precisely the infinite charm and imagination that abstract painting brings us, that is to say, the audience also participates in the creation with the artist, and enters the atmosphere created by the artist. Bill. C use the wonderful method of forming “hard-edged” color blocks to cleverly connect and generate a dense rhythm system. This exquisite technique is popular in contemporary visual art, but the “cold abstract language” reflects the artist's enthusiasm, which has been sustained by the artist for a long time. "

Artist Statement:

"I have been paying attention for a long time to the urban landscape in the current urbanization process. The geometric shapes in my works are image depictions of contemporary architecture and the environment. I extract images from reality and transform them into symbols to refine the image of objects in the city. , Use the grid and geometric image arrangement to construct and integrate the picture.

Urban landscapes such as sidewalks, buildings, trees, etc. are decomposed and reconstructed into different combinations, reshaping urban life and a colorful scene with changing effects, showing and reflecting on the current living conditions and changes in the city, and the loss of spiritual homeland.

The composition and color of the work create a poetic world, time and space establish a new order in the picture, and create a new world to make up for the "lost" of the spirit. "

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