About Us
Gong Gallery, situated in the vibrant city of Newport Beach, California, is a renowned Art Gallery that embodies youthfulness, openness, and energy. Since its inception in 2019, the gallery has been committed to upholding the highest professional standards while curating an exceptional collection of artwork with a global outlook. Specializing in paintings, porcelain pieces, and unique creations that blend contemporary innovation with cultural importance, Gong Gallery takes great pride in its appreciation for aesthetic traditions.

At Gong Gallery, our mission extends beyond showcasing remarkable art. We strive to serve both collectors and the community by fostering an environment that engages and captivates. With a discerning eye for pieces that possess timeless allure, we curate exhibitions designed to leave a lasting impression on viewers. By emphasizing works that resonate for years to come, we ensure that every visit to Gong Gallery is an enriching and enduring experience.

Whether you're an art enthusiast seeking inspiration or a collector in pursuit of extraordinary pieces, Gong Gallery welcomes you to immerse yourself in our carefully selected displays. Discover the vibrant energy of our exhibitions, where the young and the established converge to create a harmonious celebration of artistic expression.

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